Do you Have an Innovation Strategy?

do you have an innovation strategy?

“The best way to evolve in the long run and to do it sustainably, both locally and internationally, is through continuous innovation. If we can do things smarter and more efficiently than others, we gain a clear competitive advantage”

Pekka Metsi, CEO of Granlund

According to research by PwC, construction and engineering are among the top five industries ripe for disruption. Will innovation come from tech companies and startups, or could established firms be proactive? For Granlund, founded in 1960, innovation strategy is a core and essential value.

Granlund, a top Finnish design, consultancy, and software services firm, specializes in energy efficiency. To stay ahead, they needed to create a fresh strategy for innovation. In developing their strategy, they outlined four focus areas, one of which includes establishing tools and methods for collaboration. Using tools like DocuSign can help streamline document sharing and collaboration with people inside and outside of your organization.

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