Think data security, think Veritas.

How does it feel when you know your organization’s data is vulnerable? Scary right? There is always this fear of the unknown that you have to constantly battle with. But, you don’t have to feel that way anymore with Veritas.

What is Veritas?

Veritas Technologies designs and develops data management software that helps your organization protect critical and important data whether on-site or in the cloud, offering you extensive cloud data management, maximum data protection, compliance readiness and optimized storage service.

Veritas Products include:

NetBackup: Your one-in-all protection, backup and recovery solution; cost effective, lower risk, ransomware resilience and hybrid cloud companion.

NetBackup Saas Protection: Unified data management and protection across your whole enterprise, access to store large set of data and retrieve them with speed that matches no other all in one single interface.

Backup Exec: Physical, virtual and cloud data protection for small to midsize business. Worried about your data getting lost, stolen or corrupted? Backup Exec puts your mind at ease with a cost saving solution.

NetBackup Appliance Solution: NetBackup Appliance Solution provides you with state of the art servers and storage technology to deploy ransomware-resilient and enterprise-class data protection with speed and at a reduced cost of operation.

Now get that confidence you need with Veritas Backup. Never worry about losing data as Veritas got you covered. For more information, contact the Bytes Team. Think data backup and security, think Veritas, think Bytes.

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