6 Key PDF Features You Should Utilize

6 Key PDF Features You Should Utilize - Bytes Ahead Limited

All of us use PDF files in our daily work. They provide a flexible way to share, manage, and archive any type of document without having to deal with irksome compatibility issues. However, PDF files are much more resourceful than we typically realize. There are tons of features PDF documents pack that we are oblivious to.

Here are 6 key PDF features that could simplify your life even more!

1. Locate Text Easily with Searchable PDF

Locate Text Easily with Searchable PDF - Bytes Ahead Limited

People who dislike searching through stacks of paper papers can use the searchable PDF format. Locating particular passages in a book is made simpler by searchable text. Searchable text in PDF documents refers to the capacity to locate words and phrases in particular places within a PDF. This format adds a text layer that is prepared for search and indexing while maintaining the exact same appearance as the original image document.

2. Convert PDF Files into Word Documents

Convert PDF Files into Word Documents - Bytes Ahead Limited

Without having to retype a single word of text, Readiris 15 turns any picture, PDF, or scanned document into a fully editable Microsoft Word file.Additionally, Readiris 15 recreates the layout of the original document for you.

3. Easy Formatting

Easy Formatting - Bytes Ahead Limited

From PDF files, you can add, remove, merge, and straighten pages. With the use of ReadIris editing tools, you can quickly arrange, add, remove, merge, straighten, and rotate the pages of a PDF document. You can also combine numerous PDF files and arrange their information however you like.

4. Sign and Secure PDF Files Easily

Sign and secure PDF file easily - Bytes Ahead Limited

PDF files can be signed and secured for more privacy. In order to prevent document copying, modification, printing, or even text extraction, Readiris 15 makes it simple to apply a secure password.

5. Watermarking

Watermarking - Bytes Ahead Limited

Watermarks are invisible stamps that can be added on each page of a PDF file. By incorporating text or images into the file’s metadata, these markers are produced. Although they might not seem like much, digital thieves are increasingly using watermarks to conceal their identities while stealing intellectual property. To guard against these kinds of crimes, you should always include a watermark when creating PDFs. Fortunately, ReadIris PDF provides this option when producing a PDF file.

6. Easily Compress PDF Document

Easily Compress PDF document - Bytes Ahead Limited

You can easily Compress PDF files to save space. Using I.R.I.S.’s proprietary high compression technique, you may substantially reduce the size of your photos and PDF files. With the help of this feature, you may reduce the size of your files by up to 10 times without sacrificing visual quality (or even 50 times if you have ReadIris 15 for business).

Want to know about more PDf features and how ReadIris PDF can help you utilize them? Speak with an expert from Bytes Ahead Limited.

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