~ Enterprise Fast File Transfer Solutions With UDP Acceleration

The Evolution of File Transfer Technology

Moving files is a critical process for your organization and FTP can be slow and unreliable.

FileCatalyst provides fast file transfer solutions that are perfect alternatives to FTP. Our solutions enable you to send files of any size or format at full line speed, hundreds of times faster than FTP while ensuring secure and reliable delivery.

Speed up the rate of your file transfer. With enhanced UDP and TCP, FileCatalyst provides you a fast, reliable and flexible data transfer over global networks and the cloud. FileCatalyst speeds up data transfer up to 10Gbps, thereby saving time and resources. Available across multiple platforms – Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux, you never need to bother as FileCatalyst overcomes the issue of slow transfer.

File Catalyst Workflow

Use Any Browser For All Your Large File Transfer Needs

FileCatalyst Workflow is a web-based portal that eases file transfer and streamlines submission, distribution, and file sharing workflow with full tracking at every stage. With Workflow, you can send large files to any email address, submit large files through a web portal, request, and access files and web folders anywhere and also have access to online sharing and collaborations with a central storage location, all without any installation.

File Catalyst Direct

A Complete Accelerated Point-To-Point File Transfer Solution

Overcome the issue of slow transfer with FileCatalyst Direcct suite of server and client applications that helps accelerate file transfer from anywhere to anywhere. Turn days into hours, hours into minutes, minutes into seconds, and seconds into milliseconds with this FileCatalyst Direct UDP technology. Data mirroring and backup, data distribution, and cloud storage integration are features you get to enjoy with FileCatalyst Direct.

File Catalyst Central

Monitor Your Entire FileCatalyst Deployment From One Web Application

Access and administer your entire Workflow and Direct deployment in real time with this web-based monitoring tool. With FileCatalyst Central, you have all you need to monitor and manage all your FileCatalyst deployment. Central Management of all connected nodes, reporting tool with access to full history data, real time monitoring, node administration, monitor system health and an option for developers to expand functionality; all you need in one place.