Multi-Factor Authentication


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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a type of authentication that requests two or more verification factors from the user in order to grant access to a resource, such as an online account, an application, or a VPN. MFA is a crucial element of a solid identity and access management (IAM) policy. MFA demands one or more extra verification elements in addition to a username and password, which lessens the possibility of a successful cyberattack.

Step One

Provide your username and password.

Step Two

Enter your phone's PIN.

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Step Three

Present a fingerprint or facial scan
for biometric verification.

AuthPoint Multi-factor authentication (MFA) from WatchGuard gives you the security you need to safeguard identities, possessions, accounts, and data. With simple, efficient, and comprehensive multi-factor authentication, your business can operate with assurance and peace of mind.

Effective mobile DNA protection for MFA

When granting access to systems and applications, AuthPoint employs a mobile device DNA to match the phone of the authorized user. Because the device DNA would be different, any attacker who copies a user's device in an effort to access a protected system would be prevented from doing so.

Simple authentication directly from your smartphone

You must complete a 5-step process in WatchGuard Cloud to activate AuthPoint MFA before configuring users. Use a straightforward app on your phone to authenticate without carrying around tokens.

Cloud-based and Hassle-free

AuthPoint can be fully controlled in WatchGuard Cloud. You can manage tokens, configure services, and monitor AuthPoint data and alerts all from the user interface.
"MFA keeps consumers safer from fraud and reduces the high costs that fraud can have on a business."
Mindle Hastings
Product Manager, Kount.