Panda Dome Security Suite

Advanced antivirus protection for all your devices plus VPN for online privacy



US$ 34.99

US$ 22.74



US$ 46.99
US$ 30.54




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US$ 70.99
US$ 46.14
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Install and forget

You’ll never have to worry about updating it or making complicated changes to its settings.


Maximum virus detection rate

Enjoy real-time protection at all times and up-to-the-minute updates.


All the work is done from the cloud

You won’t need to store files or daily updates.

Make your digital life easier and safer with PANDA DOME

Find out why you need more advanced protection

Are you worried that your kids spend too much time online?

With our Parental Control solution, you can block, set time limits, or restrict the use of apps and mobile devices; get alerts when your children leave or arrive at preset zones (school, home, cinema, etc.); monitor their location in real time; locate their devices in the event of loss or theft, and much more.

US$ 22.99 / year

US$ 17.24 / year

A useful, essential tool for your daily life

With CleanUp, delete unnecessary files and improve your computer’s performance so that it always runs like new.

Increase your computer’s startup speed by enabling only those programs that are required by the boot engine and clean your Windows operating system regularly.

Included in:



US$ 34.99 / year
US$ 26.24 / year

Do you use the same password for everything?

We normally end up using the same passwords for different services because it is just impossible to remember them all. But this practice makes you vulnerable to data theft.

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US$ 22.99 / year
US$ 18.39 / year

Are you worried about your online privacy? Would you like to be able to access all Internet content?

With VPN Premium, you can work safely and privately from anywhere, find the best travel deals, and access all Internet content without borders: TV shows, social networks, sports, news, dating sites, video games… And much more!

Included in:


US$ 22.99 / year
US$ 17.99 / year

Protect all your devices

Panda Dome provides you with tailor-made security solutions for all your family’s devices.

US$ 22.99 / year
US$ 17.99 / year

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