Secure Cloud Wi-Fi

Simple, Secured and Intelligent Cloud
Managed Wi-Fi Solution

Business practices have evolved as a result of technology. Customers, vendors, and even employees are putting more pressure on businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to offer secure and quick wireless access. Wi-Fi has evolved into a necessity that is all about performance, security, and convenience.

Wi-Fi connectivity isn’t all that WatchGuard offers; we also offer business-grade security, more efficient workflow, and higher client satisfaction. When you deploy a WatchGuard access point with Wi-Fi Cloud-enabled and a Secure Wi-Fi or Total Wi-Fi license, you fully realize the potential of your access points thanks to a potent Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS), real-time, business-driven analytics, and useful engagement and marketing tools.

Watchguard 6 Access Point WiFi

Future-proof networks of all types and sizes with Wi-Fi in the WatchGuard Cloud. You can utilize WatchGuard’s Wi-Fi 6 technology with safe WPA3 encryption access points in your home office or on large corporate campuses.

Simplified Cloud Management

The WatchGuard Cloud’s network configuration and Wi-Fi administration provide simple management of safe wireless experiences. Upgrades, captive portals, VPN settings, policy administration, zero-touch deployment, and other features are all accessible with a single click. With comprehensive integration with our product portfolio, such as WatchGuard Endpoint Security, AuthPoint, and Firebox, handling different wireless needs is simple.

Build a Variety of Wireless Networks.

Wi-Fi is necessary for managing IoT devices, working, and staying connected. The Wi-Fi 6 access points from WatchGuard offer outstanding performance and make it simple to take advantage of security for a variety of use cases, including remote work, shopping experiences, and large campuses.

¬†Integrations with other firms’ products through the technology partner ecosystem aid in securing¬†Wi-Fi environments, expanding one’s clientele, and fostering brand loyalty.