Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about getting your site found by people who are looking for what you have to offer. It’s about making sure that people find your site when they search online. It’s also about making sure that the content on your site is relevant and helpful to them.  A lot of times, when people talk about SEO, they might mean Search Engine Optimization or Web Designers who specialize in SEO. But those aren’t the only things we do! We offer website design, web development, social media management, mobile app development, and more.

Our Services

We follow the best SEO practice, as such, our SEO Campaign contains all 6 critical elements needed for success.
Our core service is to ensure your website is the first a customer sees when they’re searching for a service/product that your business offers
We only follow proven processes, so it’s no surprise we always deliver results.


Get in front of people who are already looking for your services based on business location

Our Services

Local SEO

Generate more business in your local area by leveraging our local SEO services

E-commerce SEO

Ecommerce Leverage in our specialized e-commerce SEO to boost your organic sales

Link building

If you must be in the first page of google, you need quality links, we can help you get that.

Pay Per Click

You not only get the best result but you will spend less and make a high profit when you allow an SEO Specialist, to manage your PPC

Work Flow

Website Audit

We kick off the campaign by carrying out a detailed website audit. These audits are crucial for us to understand how the current site is built along with any technical errors which are holding your site back. Having a solid foundation from the start ensures we're not building a house on sand.

Keyword Research & Analysis

One of (if not) the most important elements of any SEO campaign. Keywords are the search phrases that your potential clients would search for to find your business. We carry out extensive keyword research and also analyze what keywords your competitors are targeting.

Competitors Analysis

It's important to know what and who we are up against. Knowing this allows us to outsmart your competitors and build stronger and more efficient campaigns. Bytes SEO campaigns are specifically built out to ensure we include all the elements required to beat the competition.

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is the process of tweaking and optimizing a website to increase its visibility. As the name states, this involves making changes ON your actual website. Get this wrong and you'll find your website back on Page 10 in Google.

Off-Page SEO

Offpage SEO typically refers to Link Building. A link is essentially a mention of your website on another external website. Link building helps increase the authority of your website whilst also enhancing your brand visibility

Detailed Reporting

We're a massive believer in transparency, as a result, Bytes deliver monthly reports directly to your Inbox. These reports provide an overview of how the campaign is progressing along with your keyword rankings

“The future of SEO is here – understanding and marketing to specific and defined audiences through search engines.” – Adam Audette.