Advanced IP Multicast Concepts and Large-Scale Multicast Design – CS-AMCAST

Advanced Multicast Concepts & Large-Scale Multicast Design

Course Code: CS-AMCAST

This 3-day course thoroughly covers advanced IP multicast designs and protocols specific to Cisco routers and switches and covers inter-domain routing, Internet multicast, multicast scalability, transport diversification, and multicast MPLS VPNs.


– Introduction to Interdomain Multicast

– What Is a Multicast Domain?

– Multicast Source Discovery Protocol 

– Intradomain versus Interdomain Design Models

– Enterprise Adoption of Cloud Services 

– Cloud Connectivity to an Enterprise 

– Virtual Services in a Cloud

– Service Reflection Feature 

– Multicast Traffic Engineering

– Multicast in an MPLS VPN Network

– In-Band Signaling Operation

– Out-of-Band (Overlay) Signaling Operation

– Default MDT MLDP

– Profiles


– Bit Index Explicit Replication (BIER)

– Multicast in a VPC Environment  



– Multicast in ACI Data Center Networks 

– Multicast-Enabled Clinical Networks 

– Multicast Considerations for Wireless Networks 

– Multicast and Software-Defined Networking 

– Multicast in Utility Networks

– Multicast-Enabled Markets

– Service Provider Multicast

– Troubleshooting Interdomain Multicast Networks 

– Troubleshooting PIM with Traffic Engineering

– Troubleshooting MVPN

– Verifying Multicast in VXLAN

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Course Price : N316, 000