Backup Exec vs NetBackup: Similarities and Differences

Veritas SaaS backup

Veritas Backup offers a list of products for data safety and security. Out of these products, its two major products for backup solution are Backup Exec and NetBackup. These two products both work towards achieving a similar goal. But, they have their significant differences. You will learn about these differences in this post.

But first, what is NetBackup and Backup Exec?

Backup Exec, a product of Veritas Technologies is a data protection solution that helps in providing backup and restoring capabilities across network for applications, servers and workstations.

Veritas NetBackup is an enterprise-class solution that provides complete backup and recovery suite for on-site, server and cloud data.

Similarities between Backup Exec and NetBackup

  1. They both have backup and recovery capabilities.
  2. Both NetBackup and Backup Exec provides protection from ransomware attacks.
  3. They are both suitable for on-premise and cloud environment.

Difference between Backup Exec and NetBackup

  1. Backup Exec is designed for small and medium-sized business but NetBackup is designed solely for enterprises use.
  2. Another difference between Backup Exec and NetBackup is that Backup Exec is designed for deployment only on the Windows platform but NetBackup supports multiple platforms including Windows, Linux and many more.
  3. Unlike NetBackup, Backup Exec offers a free trial.
  4. NetBackup has a higher pricing compared to Backup Exec.
  5. You can build upon Backup Exec using NetBackup.
  6. Generally, in terms of features and capabilities, NetBackup has the upper hand compared to Backup Exec.


In conclusion, Backup Exec and NetBackup are both easy to use and installed for backup and data recovery but their difference is mainly in their deployment, uses, features and capabilities.

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