Check Point Certified Admin and Expert Fast track R81.10 – CP-CAEFT

Check Point Cybersecurity Boot Camp R81.10 (CCSA+CCSE)

Course Code: CP-CAEFT

A fast-paced five-day class. Participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of basic and advanced concepts to administer IT security fundamental and intermediate tasks.


– Security Architecture

– Firewall Basics

– Threat Detection

– Management Maintenance

– The Firewall Kernel

– Gaia Portal

– Security Events

– Hide/Static NAT

– Admin Operations

– Monitoring States

– Policy Layers

– Management Migration



– Identify key components and configurations. 

– Create and confirm administrator users for the domain.

– Validate existing licenses for products installed on your network.

– Create and modify Check Point Rule Base objects.

– Demonstrate how to share a layer between Security Policies.

– Analyse network traffic and use traffic visibility tools.

– Monitor Management Server States using SmartConsole.

– User-Mode Processes

– Threat Emulation

– User Access

– Policy Automation

– Licensing

– Traffic Visibility Remote Access VPN

– High Availability

– Gateway Redundancy

– Traffic Acceleration

– Traffic Acceleration 

– Compliance Tasks

– Gateway Maintenance

– Interface Acceleration



– Upgrading a Security Management Server.

– Perform Check Point Online Jumbo Hotfixes.

– Migrate a Security Management Server.

– Configuring a New Security Gateway Cluster.

– Core CLI Elements of Firewall Administration.

– Configuring Manual Network Address Translation.

– Managing Objects Using the Check PointAPI.

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Course Price : N756, 000