Check Point Certified Expert R81.10 – CP-CCSE

Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSE) R81.10

Course Code: CP-CCSE

This advanced three-day Check Point Cyber Security Engineering course provides an understanding of upgrading and advanced configuration of Check Point software blades, installing and managing VPNs (on both internal and external networks), gaining the maximum security from Security Gateways, and resolving Gateway performance issues. Learn How To: – Backup your Security Gateway and Management Server – Build, test and troubleshoot a clustered Security Gateway – Upgrade and troubleshoot a Management Server – Configure and maintain security acceleration solutions – Manage, test and optimize corporate VPN tunnels


– Perform an upgrade of a Security Management server in a distributed environment. 

– Use the migrate_export command to prepare to migrate a Security Management Server. 

– Deploy a Secondary Management Server. 

– Demonstrate how to define new network and group objects using the Check Point API. 

– Perform an upgrade of Security Gateways in a clustered environment. 

– Use Kernel table commands to evaluate the condition of a Security Gateway. 

– Use common commands to evaluate the condition of a Security Gateway. 

– Configure Virtual MAC.

– Demonstrate how SecureXL affects traffic flow. 

– Describe how the CoreXL acceleration technology enhances and improves Security Gateway performance. 

– Demonstrate how to monitor and adjust interface traffic queues. 

– Identify specific threat protections used by Check Point Threat Prevention.

– Demonstrate how to enable Mobile Access for remote users.

– Management Maintenance

– Management Migration

– Management

– High Availability

– Policy Automation

– Gateway Maintenance

– The Firewall Kernel

– User-Mode Processes

– ClusterXL

– Traffic Acceleration

– Core Acceleration

– Interface Acceleration

– Threat Prevention

– Threat Emulation

– Advanced Site-to-Site VPN

– Remote Access VPN

– Mobile Access

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Course Price : N476, 000