Cisco IP Multicast Networking – CS-MCAST

Cisco IP Multicast Networking

Course Code: CS-MCAST

This 5-day course thoroughly covers basic IP multicast principles and routing techniques for building and operating enterprise and service provider networks to support applications ranging from video conferencing to data replication. The course starts with an introduction to data communication in IP networks, followed by network access, Layer 2 and Layer 3 multicast explanations, along with protocol-independent multicast (PIM), multicast scoping and design considerations. The final training chapters will cover IPv6 multicast and the operation and troubleshooting of IP multicast networks.


– What Problem Does Multicast Solve

– Multicast Applications and Services

– Multicast Packet

– L3 Multicast Is Built on the TCP/IP Protocol Stack

– Important Multicast Groups and Group Considerations

– The History of Multicast

– Layered Encapsulation

– MAC Address Mapping

– Switching Multicast Frames

– Group Subscription

– IGMP on the Gateway Router

– IGMP Versions

– Configuring IGMP on a Router

– Mixed Groups: Interoperability Between IGMPv1, v2, and v3

– Layer 2 Group Management

– Snooping

– The Process of Packet Replication in a Switch

– Protecting Layer 2

– Multicast Hosts

– Multicast Routing

– PIM Modes

– RP Overview

– IP Multicast Domains

– Basic PIM Configuration

– Dynamic RP Information Propagation

– Anycast RP

– PIM SSM Configuration

– Multicast Group Scoping

– Using Group Scoping for Hybrid Designs and RP Placement

– Multicast Traffic Engineering and Forwarding

– IP Multicast Best Practices and Security

– Putting It All Together

– IPv6 Fundamentals

– IPv6 Layer 3 Multicast Group Addressing

– IPv6 Layer 2 and Layer 3 Multicast

– Multicast Troubleshooting Logic 

– Multicast Troubleshooting Methodology

– Overview of Common Tools for Multicast Troubleshooting

– Multicast Troubleshooting

– Important Multicast show Commands

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