CompTIA Cloud+ – CO-CL+

CompTIA Cloud+

Course Code: CO-CL+

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification validates the knowledge and the best practices required of IT practitioners working in cloud computing environments, who must understand and deliver cloud infrastructure. This course covers standard methodology required to securely implement and maintain cloud technologies. In this course, delegates will apply the skills required to evaluate and implement standard cloud deployments. Delegates will implement, maintain, and deliver cloud technologies including network, storage, and virtualization technologies to create cloud solutions. Students will also manage workload migrations, manage cloud vendors to control costs, use automation and orchestration to bring business value from cloud solutions, and ensure security of cloud implementations through the use of cybersecurity best practices. The CompTIA Cloud+ certification designates an experienced IT professional as being equipped to provide secure technical solutions to meet business requirements in the cloud.


− Describe Interaction of Cloud Components and Services

− Describe Interaction of Non-Cloud Components and Services

− Evaluate Existing Components and Services for Cloud Deployment

− Evaluate Automation and Orchestration Options

− Prepare for Cloud Deployment

− Manage Change in a Pilot Project

− Execute Cloud Deployment Workflow

− Complete Post Deployment Configuration

− Identify Cloud Service Components for Testing

− Test for High Availability

− and Accessibility

− Perform Deployment Load Testing

− Analyse Test Results

− Design Cloud Infrastructure or Security

− Determine Organizational Compliance Needs

− Design Virtual Network for Cloud Deployment

− Determine Network Access Requirements

− Secure Networks for Cloud Interaction

− Manage Cloud Component Security

− Implement Security Technologies

− Determine Identity Management and Authentication Technologies

− Plan Account Management

− Policies for the Network and Systems

− Control Access to Cloud Objects

− Provision Accounts

− Determine CPU Size for Cloud Deployment

− Determine Memory Size for Cloud Deployment

− Determine Storage Technology Requirements

− Select Storage Options for Deployment

− Determine Storage Access and Provisioning Requirements

− Determine Storage Security Options

− Determine the Type of Cloud Deployment to Perform

− Manage Virtual Machine and Container Migration

− Manage Network, Storage and Data Migration

− Patch Cloud Systems

− Design and Implement Automation and Orchestration for Maintenance

− Back Up and Restore Cloud Data

− Implement Disaster Recovery Plans

− Implement Business Continuity Plans

− Monitor Cloud Systems to Measure Performance

− Optimize Cloud Systems to Meet Performance Criterias

− Monitor for Anomalies and Resource Needs

− Plan for Capacity

− Create Reports on Cloud System Metrics

− Troubleshoot Deployment Issues

− Troubleshoot Capacity Issues

− Troubleshoot Automation and Orchestration Issues

− Identify Connectivity Issues

− Troubleshoot Connectivity Issuess

− Troubleshoot Identity and Access Issues

− Troubleshoot Attacks

− Troubleshoot Other Security Issues

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