CompTIA IT Fundamentals – CO-ITF

CompTIA IT Fundamentals

Course Code: CO-ITF

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals introduces learners to the basics of computing systems, positioning them to efficiently use the digital resources transforming every job role. This course provides foundational knowledge of desktop, laptop and mobile systems, networking, software installation and security. In addition, the CompTIA IT Fundamentals course is also relevant to learners and adult career changers considering a career in IT. It also serves as a springboard to more advanced IT skills certifications such as the CompTIA A+.


– Identify types of Computing Devices

– Identifying Components of Motherboards

– Common Computer Connector Types

– Identify Common Peripheral Devices 

– Compare Functions and Features of Common Operating Systems

– Identify Application Software

– Connect Hardware

– Install and Configure Operating Systems

– Install and Configure Applications

– Configure Accessibility Options

– Network Connection Types

– Install and Configure a SOHO Router

– Network and Alternative Technologies

– Sharing and Storage Methods

– Create Files

– Navigate a File Structure

– Manage Files and Folders

– Compress and Extract Files

– Create Screen Captures

– Configure Wireless Devices

– Use Wireless Devices

– Identify Security Threats

– Apply Security Best Practices

– Perform Secure Web Browsing

– Environmental and Safety Concepts

– Back Up and Restore Data

– Manage Software

– Implement Basic Support Measures

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