CorelDraw Graphics Suite – Enhance Creativity

What’s the difference between Corel and other graphics application packages out there? CorelDraw Graphics Suite is more than just a collection of graphics design package. It is a single platform embedded with hundreds of tools to create breathtaking vector illustrations. Not just that. CorelDraw Graphics Suite provides efficient and professional tools for photo editing and typography projects.

Available on PC, mobile and iOS, you can design, collaborate and perform so many more even while on the go. The CorelDraw Graphics Suite is primarily made up of:

CorelDraw logo
Corel Draw

• Corel Draw: for creating logos, emblems and many other vector illustrations

• After Shot HDR: for making professional enhancement and corrections to JPEG images.

Corel Photopaint logo

• Corel PHOTO PAINT: for editing and processing images.

Corel Font Manager logo
Corel Font Manager

• Corel Font Manager: for easy management and organization of fonts.

• CAPTURE: to capture and save the entire screen of your computer.

With CorelDraw, your creativity meets productivity which is the best combination ever. To understand how to explore your creativity better, visit our website or contact the Bytes’ Team to book a demo with us.

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