End-to-End QoS Network Design: Quality of Service for Rich-Media & Cloud Networks – CS-QOS

End-To-End QoS Network Design

Course Code: CS-QOS

This 5-day course focuses on complex traffic mixes with increased usage of mobile devices, wireless network access, advanced communications, and video. It reflects the growing heterogeneity of video traffic, including passive streaming video, interactive video, and immersive videoconferences. It also addresses shifting bandwidth constraints and congestion points; improved hardware, software, and tools; and emerging QoS applications in network security. The course introduces QoS technologies in high-to-mid-level technical detail, including protocols, tools, and relevant standards. New QoS demands and requirements are examined, reasons to reevaluate current QoS designs are identified, and new strategic design recommendations are presented. In addition, deep technical detail on-campus wired and wireless QoS design; next-generation wiring closets; QoS design for data centers, Internet edge, WAN edge, and branches; QoS for IPsec VPNs, and more are discussed.


– Introduction and Brief History of QoS  

– IOS-Based QoS Architectural Framework and Syntax Structure

– Classification and Marking

– Policing, Shaping, and Markdown Tools

– Congestion Management and Avoidance Tools

– Bandwidth Reservation Tools

– QoS in IPv6 Networks

– Medianet

– Application Visibility Control (AVC)

– Business and Application QoS Requirements 

– QoS Design Principles and Strategies 

– Strategic QoS Design Case Study 

– Campus QoS Design Considerations and Recommendations 

– Campus Access (Cisco Catalyst 3750) QoS Design

– Campus Distribution (Cisco Catalyst 4500) QoS Design 

– Campus Core (Cisco Catalyst 6500) QoS Design

– Campus QoS Design Case Study

– Wireless LAN QoS Considerations and Recommendations

– Centralized (Cisco 5500 Wireless LAN Controller) QoS Design

– Converged Access (Cisco Catalyst 3850 and the Cisco 5760 Wireless LAN Controller) QoS Design

– Converged Access QoS Design Case Study

– Data Center QoS Design Considerations and Recommendations

– Data Center Virtual Access (Nexus 1000V) QoS Design

– Data Center Access/Aggregation (Nexus 5500/2000) QoS Design

– Data Center Core (Nexus 7000) QoS Design

– Data Center QoS Design Case Study

– WAN and Branch QoS Design Considerations and Recommendations

– WAN Aggregator (Cisco ASR 1000) QoS Design

– Branch Router QoS Design

– WAN and Branch QoS Design Case Study

– MPLS VPN QoS Design Considerations and Recommendations

– Enterprise Customer Edge QoS Design

– Service Provider Edge QoS Design

– Service Provider Core QoS Design

– MPLS VPN QoS Design Case Study

– IPsec VPN QoS Considerations and Recommendations

– DMVPN QoS Design

– GET VPN QoS Design

– Home Office VPN QoS

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