How to Control Cyberthreats with Netbackup 10

Trust and control – how do they relate with data protection? Safeguarding your business against digital dangers and agitators requires both. Trust that your people will pursue the most ideal choice, including forewarning you when a potential threat occurs. Besides, control over your ongoing situation, systems, and people to act quickly when a potential peril occurs. In any case, with attacks occurring on various events a second, limited IT resources, and a reliably creating climate to defend, managing your data can be complex and challenging.

With the following release of NetBackup 10, fueled by Cloud Scale Technology, on March 28th, Veritas is conveying a couple of better than ever security and strength features expected to give fundamentally more noticeable control to shield, perceive, and recover your essential data.

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  1. Backup & Recovery
    NetBackup 10 has been upgraded to restore and recover backups faster than ever before. Now backing up files and folders is easier than ever. Backing up data is now done automatically, and it is possible to back up only selected items or even entire directories.
  2. Performance
    The performance of NetBackup has improved dramatically. There are many enhancements to the backup engine, including:
  • Improved speed in recovering from disk failures.
  • Faster recovery of deleted files and folders.
  • New file system support.
  • Better compression of data.
  1. Security
    There are numerous improvements to security features in NetBackup 10. These include:
  • Improved encryption capabilities.
  • Added support for Windows Server 2008 R2.
  • Support for BitLocker Drive Encryption (Windows 8).
  • Improved authentication methods.

Top adaptability components of NetBackup 10 that you truly need to research today and deploy:

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