Huawei Certified ICT Associate Cloud Computing – HW-CLCO

Huawei Certified ICT Associate Cloud Computing

Course Code: HW-CLCO

The HCIA Cloud Computing v4 course is a Huawei vendor-specific certification that covers Huawei’s best practices to enable delegates to start the road toward working and implementing cloud strategies utilizing Huawei Cloud Engine Hardware. It covers the introduction of Cloud Computing, Computing virtualization across several vendors as well as open-source platforms. It covers basic skills in Linux, networking, network virtualization, storage and distributed storage strategies used in a Huawei Cloud Computing Solution.


– A Brief Introduction to Cloud computing

– Cloud Computing Is Already Here

– Cloud Computing Advantages

– Cloud Computing Definition

– Origin and Development of Cloud Computing

– Cloud Computing Models

– Virtual Network for Virtualization

– Network Features of Huawei Virtualization Product

– Compute Virtualization

– Introduction to KVM

– Introduction to Fusion Compute

– Introduction to Virtualization

– Network Architecture for Virtualization

– Physical Network for Virtualization

– Storage Architecture for Virtualization

– Physical Disk Types and Related Technique

– Introduction to Cluster Features

– Introduction to Virtualization Features

– Introduction to the Features of Huawei’s Virtualization Product

– Centralized Storage vs. Distributed Storage

– Virtualized Storage vs. Non-Virtualized Storage

– Introduction to VM Disks

– Fields Related to Cloud Computing

– Cloud Computing Technologies

– Cloud Computing Trends

– Other Emerging Technologies

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Course Price : N516, 000