Huawei Certified ICT Associate Data Center Facility – HW-DCFA

Huawei Certified ICT Associate Data Center Facility

Course Code: HW-DCFA

The HCIA Data Center Facility training is aimed at people who want to have a look into the often-sidelined resources that supports the Data Center Environment. The curriculum includes but is not limited to, an overview of Data Center Facilities, Power Distribution System Introduction, Cooling System Introduction, Monitoring, and Management System Introduction, Fresh Air System, Cabling System, and Gas Fire Extinguishing System Introduction. With engineers who are HCIA Data Center Facility certified, enterprises can do the basic work of management for the data center facility.


– Data Center Development History

– Composition of the Data Center Facility

РPower Consumption Index 

– Huawei Data Center Products

– Looking at safety guidelines, protection tools, incidences and how to avoid accidents

– Importance of safety training

– Basic power distribution from the power grid to the Data Center and relevant Voltages flows.

– Understanding grounding system

– Relevant Distribution products

– Basic understanding of a UPS and the mappings to alternate with power cuts.

– Common configuration Solution

– Basic working model of UPS

– Classifications and naming rules of batteries

– Structure and working principle of battery

– Application Scenarios

– Precision Air Conditioner Function

– Huawei Air Conditioner Series

– Air-cooled Precision Air Conditioner

– Chilled-water Precision Air Conditioner

– Classification of Air Conditioning Systems

– Common Air Processing Devices

– Air System of an Air Conditioning System

– Introduction to Monitoring System and Data Centre Monitoring System

– Basic interface and Communication Protocols

– Describe the features and advantages of the monitoring system

– Understanding the main functions of the monitoring system

– Fire Extinguishing System Introduction

– Components of Data Center Fire Extinguisher System

– Fresh Air System

РCabinet System, Integration Cabling System 

– Indoor Decoration System

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