Huawei Certified ICT Associate Datacom – HW-DATCA

Huawei Certified ICT Associate Datacom

Course Code: HW-DATACA

This new 10-day course covers the following content: Routing and switching principles, basic WLAN principles, basic knowledge of network security, basic knowledge of network management and O&M, and basic knowledge of SDN and programming automation.


– Data Communication Network Basics

– Network Reference Model

– Huawei VRP Basics

– Network Layer Protocol and IP Addressing

– IP Routing Basics

– OSPF Basics

– Ethernet Switching Basics

– VLAN Principles and Configuration

– Spanning Tree Protocol

– Ethernet Link Aggregation and Switch Stacking

– Implements Communication Between VLANs.

– ACL Principles and Configuration

– AAA Principles and Configuration

– NAT Basics

– Principles of TFTP, FTP, DHCP, and HTTP

– Configuration of FTP and DHCP

– Basic Concepts of WLAN and History of 802.11 Protocol suite

– WLAN devices

– WLAN Networking Mode

– WLAN Working Process

– Basic WLAN Configuration 

– Basic WAN Concepts

– Common WAN Technologies

– Working Principles of PPP and PPPoE

– Configuring PPP and PPPoE

– Basic Concepts of MPLS/SR

– Basic Concepts of the NMS and O&M

– Common NMS and O&M Methods and Tools

– Working Principle of SNMP

– SDN-based NMS and O&M Solution

– Comparison Between IPv6 and IPv4

– Basic Concepts of IPv6

– Format and Principle of the IPv6 Packet Header

– IPv6 Address Format and Address Type

– Pv6 Address Configuration Method and Procedure

– Static and Dynamic IPv6 Address Configuration

– IPv6 Static Route Configuration

– SDN and NFV Basics

– Network Programming and Automation

– Campus Network Architecture

– Campus Network Lifecycle

– Campus Network Construction Cases

– Campus Network Construction Practice 

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Course Price : N796, 000