Huawei Certified ICT Associate Intelligent Computing – HW-INTCIA

Huawei Certified ICT Associate Intelligent Computing

Course Code: HW-INTCIA

The third industrial revolution, fuelled by the powers of information technology, ushered mankind into a digital era. The fourth industrial revolution is now reshaping the world with intelligent technologies. This 5-day course will provide a brief history and development trends of the computing industry, as well as an overview of the computing system architecture, computing platforms, common technologies and industry solution cases. The course will enable learners with basic knowledge and skills in intelligent computing, chip technology, computing system architecture and products.


− Definition

− Brief History

− Present Situation and Challenges

− Chip and CPU definitions

− CPU Chip overview

− Heterogeneous computing overview

− Computation System Overview

− Hardware Architecture

− Software Architecture

− Major Computation Players

− Computing Platform Products

− Computing Product Software

− Common Computing Technologies

− Intelligent O&M of computing Products

− Introduction to the Intelligent Edge Industry

− Intelligent Edge challenges and Solutions

− Introduction to the AI Industry

− AI Challenges and Solutions

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Course Price : N516, 000