Huawei Certified ICT Professional Constructing Enterprise WLAN Architecture – HW-CEWA

Huawei Certified ICT Professional WLAN CEWA

Course Code: HW-CEWA

This five day course is based on large and medium sized WLAN enterprise network deployments. The cariculum introduces how to construct large enterprises WLAN networks, taking into consideration high security, high reliability, layer 3 roaming, Mesh network, and Huawei BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) solutions.


− Typical WLAN Application of Large-sized Campus Network

− Configuring APs to Go Online

− VLAN Pool Introduction

− Large-sized WLAN Introduction

− Maintain WLAN Basic

− WLAN Radio Resource Management Introduction

− Radio Calibration

− AP-based Load Balancing

− Band Steering

− User CAC

− Smooth Channel Switching

− Per Packet Power Adjustment

− WLAN WIDS Introduction

− Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention

− Attack Detection

− WIDS Configuration

− Typical Application Scenarios

− WLAN Access Authentication

− Agile Controller Introduction

− Agile Controller Typical Configuration

− Deploy Agile Controller in Large-sized network

− Directory server

− Agile Controllers connects with external authentication source

− Application in Wireless Authentication

− Introduction to WLAN Roaming

− Distinguish between Different Roaming

− Inter AC Roaming

− Applicable Scenarios of WLAN Roaming

− Configure Layer 3 Roaming

− Smart Roaming Overview

− Applicable Scenarios of Smart Roaming

− Process of Smart Roaming

− Configure Smart Roaming

− WLAN Reliability Overview

− WLAN Dual-Link Backup Introduction

− N+1 Backup Introduction

− Hot-Standby Backup Introduction

− Hot-Standby Backup Principle

− Applicable Scenarios of Hot-Standby Backup

− Configure Hot-Standby Backup

− Applicable Scenarios of Deploying Outdoor AP

− WLAN Outdoor Coverage

− Fresnel zone

− Huawei Outdoor AP Introduction

− Huawei Antenna

− Antenna Selection

− Mesh Overview

− Mesh Concept

− Mesh Architecture

− Establish Mesh Network

− Applicable Scenarios of Mesh

− Configure Mesh Network

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