Huawei Certified ICT Professional Datacom Advanced Route and Switch – HW-HCIPDARS

HCIP – Datacom – Advanced Routing & Switching Technology

Course Code: HW-HCIPDARS

HCIP-Datacom-Advanced Routing & Switching technology certification course covers advanced routing and switching knowledge in the data communication field, including advanced IGP features, advanced BGP features, IPv6 routing, advanced Ethernet technologies, MPLS technologies, Network O&M, Network Troubleshooting, and Network Cutover.


– OSPF fast convergence, OSPF Route Control, Other OSPF Features, Advanced IS-IS Features

– BGP route control, Introduction to BGP Features, Networking of BGP RRs

– IPv6 static route, OSPFv3 Principles and Configuration, IS-IS (IPv6) Principles and Configuration, BGP4+ Principles and Configuration


– Super-VLAN, MUX-VLAN, QinQ

– Ethernet Switching Security: Port Isolation, MAC Table Security, Port security , MAC Address Flapping Prevention and Detection , MACsec , Switch traffic control , DHCP Snooping , IP Source Guard

– MPLS Principles and Configuration: MPLS Overview, MPLS Forwarding, Static LSP

– MPLS LDP Principles and Configuration: Basic Concepts of LDP, Working Principle of LDP, Basic LDP Configurations

– MPLS VPN Principles and Configuration: MPLS VPN Overview, MPLS VPN route exchange, MPLS VPN packet forwarding, MPLS VPN Configuration and Implementation

– MPLS VPN Deployment and Application: MPLS VPN Application and Networking Overview, Typical Application Scenarios and Deployment of MPLS VPN, OSPF VPN expansion

– Routine Maintenance, Information collection tool

– Structured troubleshooting process, Core Ideas and Methods of Network Troubleshooting, Troubleshooting Common Network Faults

– Basic Concepts of Migration, Migration Process 

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Course Price : N680, 000