Huawei Certified ICT Professional Planning and Optimizing Enterprise WLAN – HW-POEW

Huawei Certified ICT Professional WLAN POEW

Course Code: HW-POEW

This five day course aims to provide WLAN engineers knowledge on how to design and optimize a WLAN network for indoor settled and distributed, as well as outdoor WLAN networks. The cariculum covers the various types of WLAN network deployment, data design, equipment and antenna selection, parameter calculation and site survey.


– WLAN Basics

– WLAN Application on Enterprise Networks: BYOD

– Huawei WLAN Devices and Models

– Usage Scenarios and Characteristics of WLAN on Industry Networks

– Carrier WLAN Situation 

– WLAN Project Lifecycle

– WLAN Planning Importance

– WLAN Planning Methods

– WLAN Optimization Methods 

– Necessity of pre-sales network planning in the WLAN project

– Procedure of pre-sales network planning in the WLAN project

– Precautions of pre-sales network planning in the WLAN project

– Basic Requirements

– High-level Requirements 

– Standard Organizations

– Frequency Band Standards


– Planning Scenarios

– WLAN Interference Sources

– AP Calculation

– Product Selection and Placement

– WLAN Planning Software

– Background

– Other Requirements

– Planning Discussion

– Detailed Planning

– Site Survey Overview

– Survey Preparations

– Site Survey

– Typical Scenarios

– Hierarchical Network Design

– IP Address Planning

– VLAN and DHCP Planning

– Route Planning

– Basic WLAN Architectures and Components

– AC Forwarding and Deployment Modes

– AC Networking Modes and Layers

– Planning Typical WLAN Architectures

– Other WLAN Architectures

– PoE Components

– PoE Power Budget

– PoE Configuration

– WLAN HA Overview

– AC Dual-Link Cold Standby

– AC Dual-Link Hot-Standby

– VRRP Dual-Node Hot-Standby

– N+1 Cold Standb

– Project Preparation

– Coverage Design

– Deployment Design

– Bandwidth Design

– Power Supply and Cable Route Design

– Project Case

– Indoor Distributed WLAN Planning

– Indoor Distributed Planning Overview

– Indoor Distributed Components

– Indoor Distributed Network Planning

– Indoor Distributed Solutions

– WOC Solution

– Project Preparation

– Product Selection

– Capacity Design

– Deployment Design

– Typical Application Scenarios

– Basic Principles of Roaming

– Basic Concepts of Roaming

– Roaming Planning

– Project Preparation

– Product Selection

– Backhaul Link Design

– Bandwidth Design

– Deployment Design

– Typical Application Scenarios

– Introduction to Typical WLAN Scenarios

– WLAN Network Planning in Typical Scenarios

– Huawei Enterprise Service Lifecycle Model

– Basic Principles for WLAN Network Planning

– Huawei WLAN Networking Modes

– Application of WLAN in Small- and Medium-scale Enterprises

– Networking Modes of Small- and Medium-scale Enterprise WLANs

– Basic Planning of Small- and Medium-scale Enterprise WLANs

– Detailed Design of Small- and Medium-scale Enterprise WLANs

– The Trend and Challenge of WLAN Campus Network

– Huawei WLAN Campus Network Solution

– Application Scenarios of WLAN Campus Network

– WLAN Optimization Overview

– WLAN Optimization Process

– WLAN Data Optimization

– Basic WLAN Parameter Calibration

– WLAN Optimization Benefits

– WLAN Interference Test

– WLAN Interference Sources

– Analysis of WLAN Interference Types

– WLAN Interference Optimization Examples

– AP Quantity Adjustment

– AP Location Adjustment

– AP Power Adjustment

– Antenna Location Adjustment

– Coverage in High Density Scenarios

– WLAN Tester Introduction

– WLAN Tester Usage Procedure

– The Trend and Challenge of WLAN High-density Venue

– Huawei WLAN High-density Venue Solution

– Successful stories of WLAN High-density Venue

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