Huawei Certified ICT Professional Security Constructing Service Security Network – HW-CSSN

Huawei Certified ICT Professional Constructing Service Security Network CSSN

Course Code: HW-CSSN

The HCIP Security V3.0 certification allows you demonstrate a deep understanding of web security, application security, cloud security and network attack defense technologies and products, and can plan and design, operate and maintain Huawei security products. The HCIP Security CSSN is one of the three required exams to qualify you for a full HCIP Security certificate.


– File Blocking Technology

– Data Filtering Technology

– Mail Filtering Technology

– Application Behaviour ControlTechnology

– Basic Web Principles

– URL Filtering Technology

– Web Application SystemProtection

– Malicious Web PageDetection Technology

– Principles of IntrusionDetection Technology

– Intrusion prevention system

– NIP Principle and configuration

 – FW Intrusion and PreventionFeatures

– Principles of AntivirusTechnology

– Applications of antivirus gateways technology

– Principles of Single-PacketAttack defense

– Principles of Traffic AttackDefence

– Cloud Security Overview

– Cloud Security Technology and Solution

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Course Price : N436, 000