Huawei Certified Specialist Associate: Presales – Digital Power – HW-PS-DP

HCSA – Presales – Digital Power

Course Code: HW-PS-DP

The Huawei Certified Specialist Associate (HCSA): Presales-Digital Power certification is about the pre-sales (leading, selling and designing) of Huawei products and solutions and targeted at the product manager of Huawei enterprise Digital Power (mainly data center facility and site power facility) products and solutions. The curriculum includes, but is not limited to: – Data Center Facility Solutions: UPS2000 series, UPS5000 series, SmartLi UPS, FusionModule1000A, FusionModule500, FusionModule800, FusionModule2000, FusionCol, solution configuration & quotation. – Site Power Facility solutions: 5G Power Solution, MagicPower and CloodLi Solutions, iSuperSite Solution, iHybridPower Solution, SCT Guide.


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Course Price : N220, 000