How DocuSign Can Help Improve Processing Time?

Acquire a new superpower and let your presence be felt in multiple places at the same time. Imagine yourself in Canada for an important business and you urgently need to get to California to sign a multi-dollar contract. How do you go about this? How does your signature get there as quickly as possible? It’s very easy. The answer is DocuSign. DocuSign is your no. 1 electronic signature solution that allows you append your signature securely from anywhere in the world. Your small, medium and large business will find DocuSign useful as it allows you upload documents easily and securely, assign them to whoever is to sign them and you get notified when they’ve been signed.

Let’s take Refinitiv for example. Refinitv reduced contract turnaround time from 5 days to just 6 hours with help from @DocuSign.

DocuSign can reduce processing time from 5 days to 6 hours.

Using the #DocuSign Agreement Cloud, Refinitiv’s salespeople closed deals faster and more efficiently. And once Refinitiv streamlined their system of agreement, they saw a corresponding positive impact on customer relationships. Pretty cool uhn? You also can be like @Refinitiv. Why don’t you give it a try?

To learn more about DocuSign and its various benefits to your business, contact the Bytes Team to guide and provide you with more information about our DocuSign solutions.

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