Kaspersky Total Security: Features and Specifications

Remain safe online with Kaspersky Total Security

There is a hacker attack every 39 seconds.

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The digital world is becoming more dangerous daily, with the rate at which cyber attacks are occuring. It’s becoming alarming. Now, being safe is just an understatement; one needs to be completely safe and secured also. And that is what Kaspersky is offering today with one of its products, Kaspersky Total Security.

Kaspersky Total Security is a comprehensive internet security solution containing all the security tools and features your computer needs to remain protected. As a security suite, Kaspersky Total Security offers a whole bunch of features that covers most areas of security. From antivirus to file encryption, backup system, VPN, it makes an excellent collection.

Total Security is Kaspersky’s premium package that offers protection across multiple devices. Check out the features of Kaspersky’s Total Security.

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Features of Kaspersky Total Security

  1. All Round Protection: Get complete protection against cyber threats and attacks with its triple-layered protection system. It works 24/7 to protect your devices and data. It blocks common and complex threats like malware, ransomware, spy apps, virus and all other hacker tricks. Total Security locates device vulnerabilities & threats, blocks cyberthreats before they take hold by isolating and neutralizing them. Thereby, removing immediate dangers and keeping you protected.
  2. Cross-Platform Security: Kaspersky also offers cross-platform support—you can use your licenses on Windows, MacOS, or Android devices, and some of the components specific to Total Security support iOS as well. To get started, you activate your purchase on the My Kaspersky web portal and then download the appropriate installer.
  3. Password Manager: Kaspersky’s password manager secures all of your passwords and other sensitive data — like bank cards, addresses, and notes — with 256-bit AES encryption and a strict zero-knowledge policy. Kaspersky has a good password generator that you can access both from the app and from the browser extension. The generator can create passwords 4–99 characters long, including uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.
  4. Parental Control: Another amazing feature of Total Security is its advanced parental controls. It allows you to track, filter & protect your kids’ online activities. This feature allows you to monitor your kid’s search on YouTube, manage their screen time, and even know their real-time location
  5. Enhanced Protection: Apart from its Password Manager, Kaspersky all security suite also offers Keylogger Protection, scanning of traffic activity and blocking network attacks . In addition to all these, it also have an ad-Blocker protecting your computer from website banners and potentially malicious sites.
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  1. Privacy Protection: Protect your personal and browsing data from cybercriminals. The VPN encrypts your data with a 256-bit cipher and hides your IP address keeping you hidden from cyber threats. Apart from this, its Anti-Phishing option also protects you from spoof sites and emails, keeping your sensitive information confidential.

Minimum Requirements

Operating System

  • Windows®-based: Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 SP1+
  • Mac®: macOS® 10.12 – 12
  • Mobile: Android™ 5 – 12, iOS® 12 – 15

Technical Requirements

  • Internet connection
  • 3.5 GB free space, 1 GHz Processor, 2 GB Memory


  • English

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