Learn Cyber security and Become Certified

Learn cyber security

Learn cyber security and become certified today. Enroll for one of the most valuable courses that will make you indispensable. Cyber security is the entire process of protecting a system or network from theft, information disclosure or any unauthorized access. Cyber security experts are in high demand today due to rapid development of technology today making it an evergreen field. Therefore, there’s the need for experts who can defend against cyber attacks.

How long does it take to learn cyber security?

Learning cyber security can take from about six months to two years. You need constant learning to be the best in the field and tackle new threats as they are discovered.

What does this course cover?

Are you prepared to get one of the most demanded skills in the world? Bytes’ Cyber security course is designed with up to date research and techniques. It is structured for both beginners who know nothing about cyber security and experts who is looking for expanding their expertise. You can apply for any of the following:

  1. CyberSAFE
  2. Cyber Secure Coder (CSC)
  3. CyberSec First Responder (CFR)

This courses covers:

  1. Understanding Network
  2. Cyber threats (like Trojan virus, botnets, adware, malware)
  3. Authentication
  4. Networking
  5. Cryptography
  6. Security Architecture
  7. Mobile Security
  8. Network security

Once you understand the basic concept of cybersecurity, you can then progress your skills and knowledge if your aim is to be a specialist in the cyber security field.

Why learn Cybersecurity?

According to Glassdoor June 2022, cybersecurity is one of the highly paid job with an average annual salary of about $150,000. Everyday, according to Spanning Statistics, there are about 30,000 cyber attacks on websites worldwide. An organization falls victim to cyber threats every 39 seconds and these figures are expected to increase yearly. These attacks are inevitable, therefore studying this course continually puts you in demand in the job market. Travelling the world, opportunity to work for security agencies and many more are part of the benefits of getting certified in cybersecurity.

What can you do with Cybersecurity?

The list is endless. You can use Cyber security for tasks like:

  1. User access control
  2. Network monitoring
  3. Malicious attacks detection and prevention
  4. Regular audits for compliance
  5. Development of information security procedures and policies
  6. Vulnerability identification
  7. Firewall installation

Jobs that requires Cyber security

Getting certified in cyber security opens endless doors and job opportunities. Some of the job includes:

  1. Information Security Specialist: $76,821
  2. Chief Information Security Officer: $165,788
  3. Security Architect, IT: $125,463
  4. IT Security Manager: $112,109
  5. Security Assessor: $102,500
  6. Security Engineer: $94,730
  7. Information Security Consultant: $85,430
  8. Security Director: $88,144
  9. Incident Manager: $84,037
  10. Penetration Tester: $87,737
  11. Vulnerability Assessor: $102,500

*Salary data represents US average but subject to difference due to experience level and organization.

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