Linux Essentials – LP-LE

LPI Linux Essentials

Course Code: LP-LE

Linux adoption continues to rise world-wide as individual users, government entities and industries ranging from automotive to space exploration embrace open source technologies. The expansion in enterprise is redefining traditional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) job roles to require more Linux skills. Whether you are starting your career in Open Source or looking for advancement, independently verifying your skills set can help you stand out to hiring managers or your management team. The entry-Level Linux Essentials course is a great way to show that you have the foundational skills required for your next job or promotion. It also serves as an ideal stepping-stone to the more advanced LPIC professional courses such as LPIC1, LPIC2 and LPIC-3.


– Linux Evolution and Popular Operating Systems

– Major Open Source Applications

– Open Source Software and Licensing

– ICT Skills and Working in Linux

– Command Line Basics

– Using the Command Line to Get Help

– Using Directories and Listing Files

– Creating, Moving and Deleting Files

– Archiving Files on the Command Line

– Searching and Extracting Data from Files

– Exploring Processes and Process Data

– Turning Commands into a Script

– Choosing an Operating System

– Understanding Computer Hardware

– Where Data is Stored

– Your Computer on the Network

– Basic Security and Identifying User Types

– Creating Users and Groups

– Managing File Permissions and Ownership

– Special Directories and Filesrk

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Course Price : N260, 000