Microsoft Education Apps That Will Revolutionize Learning

Microsoft Education Apps

As a student, you’re probably always looking for new and innovative ways to learn. Well, look no further! Microsoft Education has a range of powerful apps that will completely revolutionize your learning experience.

Asides the popular Word, Excel and PowerPoint, there’s OneNote, which is an amazing note-taking app that lets you take handwritten or typed notes, create mind maps, and even record audio or video. Then there’s Sway, which is a unique presentation app that lets you create interactive reports, presentations, and more. And finally, there’s Minecraft Edu, which is a world-famous game that helps students learn about math, science, history, and more.

So whatever your area of study is, Microsoft Education has an app to help you excel in your learning. So why not check them out today? You won’t regret it!

Introduction to Microsoft’s Education Suite

As a student, you need the best tools to help you succeed. That’s why Microsoft offers an amazing Education Suite, filled with powerful tools that will revolutionize your learning.

The Windows experience provides a powerful and intuitive way to work and learn. Documents is a simple yet versatile way to create and share your work. Blogs, discussion groups, and cloud-based tools make it easy for you to collaborate with your classmates and teachers. And with Microsoft 365, you can get all of these tools in one place, on any device.

So if you’re ready to take your learning to the next level, Microsoft Education is the suite for you!

Microsoft Teams: Easily Collaborate and Connect

Microsoft Teams logo.png
Microsoft Teams

With Microsoft Teams, you can easily collaborate with your classmates on any project. Simply create a team, invite classmates, and start sharing ideas!

You can also connect with teachers and other staff members on Teams. You can chat with them, call them, or even collaborate on projects together. Plus, there are tons of great features in Teams that will make your learning experience even better.

For example, you can use Collaborative Annotations to annotate on top of any app. This is a great way to take notes and stay organized. And with the new Teams premium plan, you can even meet face-to-face with classmates and teachers!

Minecraft Education Edition: Classroom Fun in 3D

Minecraft logo

With school back in session, it’s time to explore some of the latest and greatest technologies that can help streamline your learning experience. Microsoft Education is packed with powerful apps and tools that can help make learning more fun, engaging, and personalized for each student.

Let’s start with Minecraft: Education Edition. This wildly popular 3D game has been revamped for the classroom, offering tons of new features that will engage and excite students. They can now explore their creative sides in a whole new way, construct buildings and worlds, and learn about math, history, and other subjects in a fun and interactive way.

Azure Virtual Machines also offers a great way to run multi-player sessions with your classmates. You can all connect to one powerful machine and explore worlds, play games, and learn together. It’s the perfect way to get the most out of your Minecraft education!

OneNote: Digital Notebook for 21st Century Learning

Microsoft OneNote logo.png
Microsoft OneNote

With OneNote, you can transform your classic pen-and-paper note taking into a more interactive and organized digital notebook. OneNote allows for customizable note taking with features featuring drawing, handwriting, audio and video recordings, embedding external content like websites, videos or images.

Not to be overlooked is the OneNote Class Notebook feature, which makes it easier to foster autonomous learning and 21st century skills amongst students. Through teacher personalization tools and student collaboration tools, instructors can easily create course materials that are interactive and engaging for their students.

For educators out there reading this, Microsoft OneNote also allows for organized lesson plans and a content library for creating assignments and handing out digital materials. This can be used to create an efficient workflow where instructors do not need to manually assign homework over the email on a regular basis anymore.

Immersive Reader: The Key to Understanding Any Text

Immersive Reader

Immersive Reader is perhaps one of the most game-changing softwares that Microsoft Education provides. It’s a digital learning tool that helps improve reading comprehension and understanding of text. It’s built into Word, OneNote, Outlook, Office Lens, Microsoft Teams, Reading Progress, Forms, Flipgrid, Minecraft, Outlook on the Web and the OneNote for Windows 10 app.

When used with Word or OneNote documents, Immersive Reader can highlight different parts of speech to help you better understand what you’re reading. It can also break down sentences into individual syllables to help you read more fluently and accurately. This can be especially helpful if you’re learning a new language or simply want to improve your spelling skills. Plus, there are options for text-to-speech which can help those with dyslexia or visual impairment understand key concepts in their text more easily.

Microsoft Forms: Organize Your Learning Environment

Microsoft Forms logo (2019 - present)
Microsoft Forms

Organization is key when it comes to learning and Microsoft’s tools are here to help! With Lists, you can organize school and class information quickly and easily. Plus, it integrates with the rest of the Office 365 suite, so inputting data doesn’t have to be a hassle.

Microsoft Forms offers assessments built right into a Class Team without having to download anything else. You can also set a timed duration for Forms Quizzes and track submission time with ease. So whether it’s class quizzes, surveys or taking attendance – Forms has you covered!

Plus, it has tons of features such as automatic grading options for quizzes and other tests so students can get their results instantly. This helps save time both for the teacher and learners alike—allowing them more time to focus on what’s important: learning!


In short, Microsoft Education’s apps are doing a lot to change how we learn. They’re making things more engaging, more interactive, and more accessible. And they’re just the tip of the iceberg. With the power of Microsoft behind them, we can only expect them to get better and better. So if you’re looking for a way to revolutionize your learning, Microsoft Education is a great place to start.

To get started, visit our website and fill the form so we can know how to set you up for this futuristic learning.

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