Microsoft PowerApps: Foodie

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

James Beard

Food is another universal language that as humans, our bodies understand.  Everyone needs food everyday to be strong and healthy. But, due to the hustling and bustling daily, it can be difficult to prepare what we want to eat.

At this point, restaurants and food vendors usually come in handy.

Every, or let’s say most organizations, have food vendors that takes care of its employees feeding needs eliminating the need for going to a restaurant. However, this has indirectly created another difficulty in service. How? You may ask.

Imagine an organization have over 250 employees and about 200 of them needs to order breakfast from the organization’s food vendor. How long will it take for the orders to be taken? How long will the vendor process the billings for each one of them? Before planning on making their delivery. It’s possible that breakfast would be served by brunch time.

This is the point where Bytes Ahead Limited comes to your aid with its very own application, Foodie.

What is Foodie?

Foodie is an online platform that connects employees and the food vendor in an organization, allowing employees to order food and get it delivered to their workplace with ease.

The Foodie app is an app created with Microsoft PowerApps and is therefore not available on app stores. It can only be gotten from Bytes. Quite a number of employees have reviewed the app, giving their honest opinions.

“I enjoyed the food delivered on Friday afternoon.”

“He delivered on time.”

“Very nice vendor, though delivery wasn’t really fast.”

Reviews from app users

Foodie currently has a rating of about 4.5 stars based on existing reviews. It is only available on Android, can be used anywhere in Nigeria and in anywhere around the world by any organization.


  1. Design

The design of the Foodie app is quite simple and elegant. The green on white design is quite appealing and impressive with easy navigations. It is obvious that a smooth user experience was in consideration when the app was being created. This makes users happy and willing to use the app.

  1. Account Creation and Setup

The Foodie app was created using Microsoft PowerApps, and can only be deployed through the PowerApp platform. All you need is to get your PowerApps license from Bytes and we deploy the app to your Microsoft tenant.

  1. Placing Orders

After setting up the application, you can easily place an order. From the Foodie app, you will a list of food available and its prices.

After placing the order, payment can be in two ways: you can either pay in cash or through the Foodie app wallet.

The Foodie wallet can be funded through the food vendor. The food vendor has admin role and can top up or deduct employees’ balance based on top up made or order placed by the employee.

  1. Live Chat Option

Another interesting feature of this app is its Live Chat feature. This PowerApp product also allows employees chat with the food vendors to ask questions or pass across any urgent information.

  1. Reviews

The app also has a Review Category for employees to give a review on the service of the vendor and delivery. This ensures that quality services are rendered and improvement is made continuously.

To get this app and other Powerapps for your organization, contact Bytes’ Team for your Microsoft PowerApps license.

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