Microsoft PowerPoint 365: Level 2 – ME-PPT365L2

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Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint Level 2

Course Code: ME-PPT365L2

Welcome to the second part of our Microsoft PowerPoint 365 courseware. This version of PowerPoint incorporates some new features and connectivity options to make collaboration and production as easy as possible. This course is intended to help all users get up to speed on many of the different features found in PowerPoint and to become familiar with its more advanced selection of features. We will cover reviewing your presentation; inserting links, video and viewing your presentation with accessibility features; unique shortcuts to make using PowerPoint more efficient, and finally how to integrate with other Microsoft versions and OneDrive. This one-day workshop will help participants learn how to: – Review a Presentation – Insert Links and Online Video – View a Presentation – Shortcuts for Presenting – Navigate Ribbons and Panes – Edit Slides – Use OneDrive to Integrate Flexibility. The training delivery is based on the desktop application and not on the online/browser version of the application.



– Learning Objectives


TOPIC A: Reviewing a Presentation

– Collaborate

– Check Slides

– Check Accessibility

– Activity 1-1: Review a Presentation


TOPIC B: Inserting Links and Online Video

– Insert Links

– Insert Online Video

– Activity 1-2: Inserting a Link


TOPIC C: Viewing a Presentation

– View a Presentation from Start

– View a Presentation from Current Slide

– View Subtitles in a Presentation

– Activity 1-3: Change the Language of a Subtitle

– Summary

– Review Questions

TOPIC A: Shortcuts for Presenting

– Forward and Back

– Specific Slides

– Exiting


TOPIC B: Navigating Ribbons and Panes

– Panes

– Ribbon


TOPIC C: Editing Slides

– Insert a New Slide

– Copy and Paste

– Reorder Thumbnails

– Summary

– Review Questions

TOPIC A: Differences in PowerPoint 365

– File Tab

– Home Tab

– Insert Tab

– Design Tab

– Transitions Tab

– Animations Tab

– Review Tab

– View Tab


TOPIC B: Using OneDrive to Integrate Flexibility

– Using Multiple Versions

– Using OneDrive

– Create a New Integrated PowerPoint Presentation

– Activity 3-2: Insert Alternative Text

– Summary

– Review Questions

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