PeopleCert DevOps Leadership – SM-DevOpsL

PeopleCert DevOps Leadership

Course Code: SM-DevOpsL

During the course, candidates will examine how the full-stack approach can be engaged and implemented within the organization, why DevOps Leadership is needed in modern enterprises, and how it can be aligned to business value delivery. The PeopleCert DevOps Leadership course equips candidates with solid knowledge regarding the practices, processes, automation and technology used for adapting DevOps within an organization, along with Scrum methodology, people and their cultural implications.


– Establishing the Urgency for DevOps

– Clarifying & Aligning Business Objectives

– Creating a Vision & Strategy for the Transformation

– Identifying & Influencing the Vital Stakeholders

– Leading a Culture of Self-Organized, Cross-Functional Teams

– Gathering, Broadcasting & Implementing Feedback

– Enabling Flow Across the Value Stream

– Accelerating Learning & Experimentation

– Implementing a Deployment Pipeline & DevOps Toolchain

– Leading a Culture of Continual Improvement

– Leading for Innovation

– Scaling Improvement & Learning

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Course Price : N236, 000