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Repeating the same tedious task over and over again can be tiring. Accidental deleting or renaming of files can lead to temporary data loss which can cripple your business or organization. These are common problems faced by employees in an organization especially when a lot of users have access to a system.So how can we avoid this? One of the best solution to this is Power Automate. Power Automate is a member of the Microsoft Power Platform that allows you create workflows which automates tedious tasks.

For instance, you can schedule a Teams meeting and invite all participants easily by creating a workflow. When a file shared between two or more people is edited by any of the user, you can notify all users that have access to this particular file through an email that an action have been performed. This eases the stress of having to send individual emails to the concerned users. Other ways Power Automate can help streamline work process include helping you get notifications, synchronize files, send approvals, schedule meetings.

How can Power Automate help prevent accidental deletion of files?

With Power Automate, you can create a workflow that notifies you when a file on SharePoint or OneDrive is about to be deleted. This file can only be deleted if you approve it, if not, then it remains in it’s location.What do you think? Power Automate not only does that but also allows you create multi-step flow. You can also choose from existing templates and connect over 150 data sources or connectors to collect data, synchronize files and receive notifications. Once activated, it works in the background to complete the desired tasks automatically.

To tap into this massive resource and benefit your organization, you can contact the team at Bytes Ahead Limited, a certified Microsoft partner and expert in the Power Platform.

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