Skooler: Learn Better, achieve greater.

If you say learning is fun, have you tried learning with Skooler? Fully integrated with Teams and Microsoft Office 365, Skooler offers a flexible learning management system with smart and innovative tools for learning. With Skooler’s administrative tools, teachers can communicate easily with students and parents.

Teachers and students can now make use of a digitally transformed or simply put a modern classroom engaging them deeper and empowering them to perform better and achieve greater results. Students can find all assignments/tests in a place, attendance tracking, communication and curriculum management, progress reports, students information/records, parent portal plus it is deployed in the cloud and can be accessed through Windows, Android, iPhone and iPad. All these features plus many more are available at reasonable pricing.

Why Choose Skooler?

How Skooler makes learning fun and more effective
  1. It integrates technology into the learning process
  2. Teachers, parents and administrators access and manage on a single platform.
  3. Time-saving.
  4. it is built entirely on Office 365, an IT infrastructure schools already have.
  5. Available on PC, Android and iOS platform.
  6. Cloud deployment, making it accessible from anywhere at anytime.

Get in touch with the Bytes Team to help you understand more about the Skooler program, how to get started and how to integrate it into your learning infrastructure or check out our Skooler page for more information.

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