Windows 11: Top 10 Amazing Features in the 2022 Update

When speaking PC, one must definitely mention Microsoft Windows. Over the years, Microsoft have been releasing updates to its OS. The latest is the 2022 Windows 11 Update. Any technologically savvy person will tell you that Windows 11 is the best operating system Microsoft has produced thus far. There is no doubt that the features in this release are not just “nice to have”. They’re actually game changers, with a lot of people depending on them. However, what does Windows 11 2022 Update entail? What makes it such an amazing operating system? I’ll list some of the top features below.

1. System-wide Live Captions

System-wide captions: Windows 11 2022 Update
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On most systems, the live captions are now presented at the top of the screen, directly beneath the camera, making it simpler to follow along while still seeming attentive in online meetings. However, live captions can also be moved to the bottom of the screen or into a floating window. This allows multitasking without losing the captions and, most importantly, without blocking what you want to see on screen. Windows 11 live captions can also record in-person discussions because they can record microphone audio. These talks, along with all of your captioned content, are contained in the room because the captions are produced locally on the computer itself.

For a variety of situations, including meetings where everyone is wearing face masks that prevent lip reading, spontaneous conversations between hearing and deaf people where no sign interpreter is readily available, and assisting non-native language speakers to follow along with audio content and conversations both online and off, this feature is game-changing.

2. Do Not Disturb/Focus Sessions

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You can now “calm down” Windows to help you concentrate on the job you need to get done. Windows will activate Do Not Disturb, which mutes notifications, and turn off task bar badges and program flashes when you begin a new focus session. Additionally connected with the Clock App, Focus starts a timer to aid in concentration. It also prompts you to take breaks, both of which have been shown to increase productivity.

3. Voice Access (Preview)

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With this innovative experience, anyone—including those with limited mobility—can use their voice to operate a PC and create content in any application*. It was developed as a result of discussions with a mobility advisory board. When you initially activate voice access, an interactive tutorial will appear to show you how to carry out typical tasks with your voice. Additionally, you can always ask “what can I say?” while using it to get a full list of commands. When it makes a mistake, voice access even provides real-time feedback so you can see which word was not correctly identified.

4. More Natural Voices for Narrator

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The built-in screen reader for Windows now includes new voices* that make use of cutting-edge text-to-speech technology to more closely resemble natural speech. This makes everything from web browsing to reading and document creation more enjoyable for users who listen to their screens rather than looking at them.

5. Snap Layout

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Snap layouts allow users to maximize their view when they need to have several programs or documents open at once. Now that Microsoft Edge supports multiple browser tabs, snap layouts are more adaptable and have improved touch navigation.

6. ClipChamp

With templates, effects, and other features, the well-known utility is now available as an inbox app for Windows 11.

7. PC Gaming

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This update performance improvements for graphics and gaming. It includes features like a new Controller bar, improvements for windowed games, and new HDR calibration options. This update continues to make Windows a fantastic platform for gamers. Additionally, players get access to hundreds of top-notch PC games thanks to Game Pass, which is directly integrated into Windows 11 via the Xbox app.

8. Expanding Amazon Appstore Preview

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Thanks to Microsoft and Amazon’s collaboration, more than 20,000 Android apps and games are now available for Windows 11 devices that match the necessary hardware specifications.

9. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen

This new feature notifies users when they enter their Microsoft login credentials into malicious software or a compromised website. Additionally, it alerts users when they use risky password storage methods, such as saving their passwords in Notepad, or when they reuse their password across multiple apps or websites.

10. Smart App Control

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On Windows 11, Smart App Control prevents the execution of script files, harmful macros, and untrusted or unsigned apps. Your employees may utilize the tools they require and want, and you can rest easy knowing your business is secure. Smart App Control, which is based on the same artificial intelligence as Windows Defender Application Control, may anticipate an app’s safety in real-time before it is installed on your device.

If you haven’t yet installed the Windows 11 2022 Update, find out how from the Bytes’ Team.

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