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When it comes to buying Microsoft cloud products and services or obtaining Microsoft License, you have choices. You either buy from partners or buy directly from Microsoft. But before buying, you need to start by assessing your own needs.

Today, you can purchase through various licensing agreements, such as the Enterprise Agreement. In the future, there will be only one agreement to sign, the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

Understanding your needs

In reviewing your purchase options, consider the following questions. What technical resources will you need to drive your digital transformation? How do you want to manage your invoices and billing? What are your support needs? Do you require any special terms in your contract? Answering these questions will help you decide on an option that best meets your needs.

Let’s start with identifying how partners can help you achieve your goals.

Buying through partners

No matter how you buy, Microsoft partners can help you succeed by providing a wide range of services to help you envision innovative solutions and validate opportunities for digital transformation. And, we can assist with finding the right solution for your specific situation. Looking for a certified Microsoft partner? Contact Bytes Ahead Limited.

One way to buy Microsoft License is through Microsoft partners in the Cloud Solution Provider program who can bring a wide variety of expertise, including security, identity, compliance, governance, dev ops, as well as automation and optimization services, and much more. Buying from a partner in the Cloud Solution Provider program is ideal for customers who prefer outsourcing cloud infrastructure to expert partners or need managed services for part of their business. When you buy from your partner, Microsoft terms and conditions are supplied with the Microsoft Customer Agreement.

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